Urban Legends – Black Eyed Children

By Amy Ritchie


The Black Eyed kids (otherwise known as BEKS), can appear anywhere and anytime. They are either a set of a two boys, two girls or a set of one boy and or one girl. Sometimes they appear as Black Eyed Adults…But these situations are very rare. They will arrive when you least expect it. They are innocent appearing children that come to you when you are either sitting isolated by yourself in a car at a parking lot, or when you’re hanging out by yourself at a hotel or at home alone. They will also meet you when you are alone in buildings or outside of buildings. A few instances have proved they will come no matter who is around. They look very beautiful and innocent at first. They come to your door of your car or dwelling place asking to use your phone, or bathroom or something of that sort. Here are a few accounts of running into the black eyed kids.                

On one special account, a lady named Chris stopped at a rest stop with her husband. While her husband was waiting in the car she came out of the girls bathroom. She stood in front of a tall dark haired woman. As soon as she felt an overwhelming sense of fear she noticed the eyes change. She quickly headed to the car and never saw the woman again…Another account was at a coffee shop…A young lady had ordered some tea. And when she turned around she saw a young gentleman. She suddenly felt a very dark feeling of fear and walked away after she realized his eyes had nothing in them. They were black.            

Every person has claimed that as soon as they spoke to these children or adults they felt an overwhelming sense of fear with in the first minutes. Several cases involve people shutting the door in the faces of the children or refusing to talk to the kids. In one particular case a man claimed he was out in his car by a parking lot and saw two kids standing outside his car door next to a movie theater.  They asked him for money for a ticket to see a movie. After looking at them for quite some time, he began to notice a change in the children’s eyes.   

Shortly after realizing how the children’s eyes looked, completely black, solid, No irises what so ever, the man said no. Then he was filled with an overwhelming sense of fear. He locked his car door, and drove away…There are several other accounts like this one to this myth. The most important key element to remember is that the Black Eyed Kids cannot come in unless you let them. But just be sure to remember, don’t ever open the door!!! Don’t ever say yes! And think twice about answering the door period when someone comes up to your house, and or car.

This legend is seen in popular culture in the WB hit show ‘Supernatural’ where those who have possessed by demons have completely black eyes.


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