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By Amy Ritchie


Have you or anyone you know had an encounter with a werewolf? If so please email us at HNAI


Werewolves are a creature that is half man, have wolf.  If a man becomes infected by the bite of a werewolf, he will change into a lycanthropic type beast on the night of a full moon; a werewolf will appear when you least expect it too. It will appear when you are probably the most vulnerable.

In fact, many people have been caught so off guard over their werewolf sightings that they felt the need to post their stories! Werewolves have been seen and heard all over the globe! In one particular location known as Wisconsin the “Bray Road Beast.” Is a very popular sighting!This particular creature is seen walking around at night; especially on the nights of a full moon.

People claim to have seen them walking around like a person on their hind legs. They have been said to have glowing eyes, strange smells, and three claws on both hands. Their fangs are huge and their fur is of a reddish color. Sometimes people driving along the road see the beast making a snack out of the dead animals that sit on the side of the road. As soon as it sees the people looking at it the beast it runs away.

Also in Wisconsin, a man by the name of Mark Schackleman was driving on highway 18 near Jefferson.He said that he saw a beast that was well over 6 ft tall. Glowing eyes and fangs. It was digging in the ground until it saw him looking at him then took off into the woods!  In a similar situation, in Ohio, many people said they have seen werewolves between the months of July and October in the 1970’s. In Indiana there is a place of high paranormal activity known as Werewolf Hollow. There have been several strange animal sightings, strange sounds as well as unidentified objects as well. Many people go on hunts there to try and find some sort of answer to all of the unusual circumstances…

The final werewolf sighting I uncovered was in France in the 17th century. The beast was known as the “Beast of Gevaudan” . A beast wandered around several villages choosing to snack on people more so then animals. It made over two hundred attacks! Finally the villagers put the beast to sleep. Later on another animal did the same thing…to this day the animal has never been seen again…

There have been many more almost countless sightings of these creatures for hundreds of years. So are werewolves real? You decide.