Pittsburgh – Haunted North America


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Former Congelier House

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 3

Status – Demolished, Highway Interchange

Investigation Ease -  1



Congelier house was home to Charles Congelier and his wife Lyda. They had one servant girl living with them. In the winter of 1871, Lyda made the discovery of her Husband having an affair with the servant girl, in a rage she stabbed Charles to death and then cut off the servant girl’s hand.

Following these traumatic events the house sat vacant for 20 years. In 1892 it was remodeled for Rail workers to live in, they didn’t stay long as they heard a female sobbing & screaming through the house.

In 1900, Dr. Adolph Bran Richter bought the home. The Doctor was quiet and shy and kept to himself. On August 12 1901, neighbors heard screams coming from the home, they went outside to investigate. This was when they witnessed a red explosion like flash make it’s way through the house, leaving every window smashed in it’s wake.
Authorities were called and came to investigate, they made a grizzly discovery.
They found decomposing bodies of six headless women. Apparently Dr. Bran Richter had been experimenting with severed heads and was successful in keeping them alive for a short while after decapitation.

In 1920, Thomas Edison came to Congelier house for an investigation into the Paranormal Phenomena, after his findings, he said the home strongly influenced his belief in the afterlife.

The house was later bought by the Equitable Gas Company. They bought it for their workers to have a place to live, as their underground natural gas storage was close by.
Unfortunately in 1927 the underground natural gas storage facility exploded, damaging many homes and buildings in the area; the Congelier House was completely obliterated. The location is now part of a highway on ramp.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Reports of Apparitions and Unexplainable sounds  of sobbing and screaming are all witnessed in the location of the former house. People have also reported feelings of unease and not being wanted in the area.


1129 Ridge Avenue – present location the Route 65 I279 Interchange

Former Dixmont State Hospital

Chance of Paranormal Activity – 3.5

Status – Former Psychiatric Hospital, Completely Demolished, Wal Mart Supercenter

Investigation Ease -  2


This location was known as The Department of The Insane in The Western Pennsylvania Hospital of Pittsburgh when it first opened in 1862. The hospital was plagued with financial troubles and even offered employees room and board instead of wages during The Great Depression as well as selling crafts made by the patients for extra money. At this point is its history the hospital had become so overcrowded that it had to stop taking admissions. By 1946 the problems had become so severe that the state had take over and it became known as the Dixmont State Hospital. In 1984 the hospital was closed as the financial issues had continued.
Fires have since destroyed many of the buildings including the main administration building. At one point Wal Mart was to take over the site and build a Supercenter but they backed out of the deal in 2006 when it was proven that the site was unstable due to many landslides once of which partially blocked a major highway.  Since then the site has been left to nature and become more and more unstable. Only a few buildings now remain and many of them are in terrible condition and extreme caution needs to be used when exploring this site. It is also private property so it would be best to gain permission before venturing onto the site.
Eventually WalMart is said to have taken over the site and built a Super Center and the last of the buildings were demolished.
Former employees have come forward since the hospital’s closing to tell of absolutely brutal conditions.  Patients were beaten and tortured in this site that one former employee has called “Hell on Earth”.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Doors slamming on their own, reappearing blood stains, apparitions on the grounds and in the buildings, mysterious mists, light anomalies (this location is said to be one of the best in North America for orbs), disembodied voices, screams, bangs and all other noises imaginable and there is a story of a young woman who was murdered and brutally dismembered by another patient. Rumors also abound of other murders and suicides of both patients and staff.
It remains to be seen what activity will present itself now that the site has been taken over.
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.
Update: it has now been confirmed that Wal Mart did take over the site and the buildings have now all been demolished so a new Supercenter can be built. Yay Wal Mart opps you did it again.
Exit Interstate 79 at Highway 65 (Ohio River Road) going east. Turn left onto Tom’s Run Road.