Klamath Falls – Haunted North America


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Blackburn Sanitarium (Old Klamath Hospital)(Blackburn Manor)

By Sammi Lewis

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 3

Status – Heritage Building (Privately Owned)

Investigation Ease – 2


Built in the 1900’s this old brick building sits on the corner of Esplanade and El Dorado.  I don’t know all that much about the history of the building except it has been many things over the years.

It was a frat house in the early 1980’s when I was in collage.  The frat boys, and some of the guests, have heard and saw things they couldn’t explain but most people chalk it up to too much partying.  I have been in the building several times, during the day and at night,   I always heard or felt things but I never saw anything.  Most of the time there were others in the house and I couldn’t say for sure if the noises I heard were paranormal or not.  I was only alone in the building once, and while I could hear scraping and footsteps I could not discount the fact that there could’ve been some wind or just the normal settling sounds of the house.  The only time I ever felt cold or a creepy feeling was when I was in the basement.  I felt as though there was something wrong with the far left side of the house.

The building was reverted back to apartments the last time I heard and is now on the historical register.  Most ghost hunting websites report apparitions of children.  If it’s ever open to the public, tour the downstairs, if nothing else the “throne room” may still be there and you can have a good laugh.


From Hwy 97/39 North (Klamath Falls Malin Hwy)

Right on Esplanade dive one block, Hospital is on the right.

Corner of Esplanade and El Dorado Drive

Address: 1842 Esplanade



Linkville Cemetery

By Sammi Lewis

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 2

Status – Functional Cemetery

Investigation Ease -  4.5


My friends and I have gone to the Linkville Cemetery at night looking for the glowing head stone.  The cemetery sits on a hill near Klamath Union High School and the oldest marked grave is from 1872.  Records indicate it’s one of the oldest cemeteries in Oregon.  Sadly no glowing head stone or ghosts were ever seen by any of us amateur hunters but I have seen unexplained lights in the sky there. 

Sonny and I had gone looking for the head stone one night, I was lying across a headstone resting, the place is huge.  I didn’t hear anything, 3 perfectly round lights just came quietly from the north, they were a V formation, they hovered over me for 30 to 45 seconds and faded away.  There was no way for me to tell how far away they were.  There is an Air Force base in Klamath Falls so this could’ve been some sort of aircraft.  I’m sure I’ll never know what they were.  However, there are references to odd lights being sited in the cemetery on other websites. 


Hwy 97/39 turn southwest on Esplanade to Main Street

North on 11th Street turn East on Upham Street 2 blocks to Cemetery



Linkville Playhouse 

By Sammi Lewis

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 2

Status – Functional Theater

Investigation Ease -  3


The Playhouse is in one of the older buildings along Main Street in Klamath Falls near Lake Ewana.  My friend Darrell, who is also a fantastic guitar player, is part of the regular cast at the Linkville Playhouse (or at least he was).  People say that an actor, known as “Ralph”, died in 1994 and has been seen sitting in a chair, smoking a pipe. I was still living there then and don’t remember anything unusual goings on.  Other reports are of music playing when no one is in the sound booth, and lights going off and on in the costume attic.  I have only been there once or twice to see performances and I never saw or felt anything unusual.

Contact Information

Address: 201 Main Street

Phone Number: (541) 884-6782




By Sammi Lewis


Chance of Paranormal Activity – 3

Status – Abandoned, Former School

Investigation Ease -  4


In 1947 it was called the Oregon Vocational School and was designed to reeducate WWII vets.  The original building was an old Marine Corps hospital on old fort road.  I have had no luck finding out any history of the original buildings.  The name of the school was changed to OTI , and then again to OIT.  There is no mystery as to why the school was closed.  The buildings were old and tucked back in the hills.  They fell into disrepair and it was decided it would be cheaper and they would entice more students if they had a new campus on a hill overlooking Upper Klamath Lake.

The stories of Satanists that hold ritual sacrifices at the Old OIT location are mostly just bored kids fooling around and not having a clue as to what they are doing.  There are a lot of pentagrams spray painted on the remains of the old buildings and a few other symbols but nothing truly satanic.  I have seen the blood on the wall but I discounted it because I felt nothing there, as though it was just there for effect to scare people.  There are no demonic screams and no one has been skinned alive, however I’m sure animals have been mutilated and sacrificed.  I have had an eerie feeling when I’ve been there, sometimes I felt a sadness, someone could’ve opened a doorway to the other realm.  Klamath Falls has over 600 geothermal wells and on a cool night the “Fog” will come up through the fissures and vents all over town.  If you’re expecting a place to be haunted and suddenly a fog comes out of no where you are bound to think it’s supernatural.   I believe Old OIT is definitely a place that needs more investigation


Hwy 97/39 going North

1 block past Main Street take Hillside Ave

East on Herbert Street and North on Old Fort Road