Hockomock Swamp

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Hockomock Swamp “The Devil’s Swamp” – Haunted North America


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The name of the swamp means “the place where spirits dwell”. This large area is still virtually untouched by human civilization and much of it is still in the wild state it was in when explorers from Europe first came to North America. It was heavily used by both the Colonists and the Native Americans in King’s Phillip’s War and it contains many Native American Burial Sites. Legend says the Native Americans cursed the swamp due to the horrible treatment they received from the first Colonists.


Rumored to be cursed by Native Americans. A Bigfoot type creature has been seen in or near the swamp – this creature is known as the Hockomock Swamp Monster – the monster is said to have picked up the rear end of a police car with 2 officers inside. Large birds with 10-12 foot wing spans (rumored to be Pterodactyls – giant birds thought to be extinct since the end of the Dinosaur age) have been reported for decades – one report was made by a police officer – the birds are called Thunderbirds. Reports of strange animals date back to Colonial Times including giant snakes, alligators and giant turtles – again some of these reports were made by reputable witnesses. Unexplained lights have been seen hovering over the swamp at times following people and moving against the wind or other seemingly impossible directions. A prehistoric grave was unearthed in the swamp with red ochre that bubbled before disappearing – photographs taken at the site either will not develop or come out blank. Apparitions of both early colonists and Native Americans are seen. Disembodied voices are heard speaking the Algonquin tongue – the Native American tribe that once lived in the area. Bonfires have been seen that suddenly disappear when approached. Powerful feelings of both unease and of being watched are also reported. People have also become hopelessly lost in the swamp despite having a compass.


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