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Econo Lodge

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 90%

Status -  Functional Hotel

Investigation Ease -  Fairly Easy



Formerly the “Circle Inn”. During this time two babies of pneumonia in Room 216.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

The cries of babies are now heard in Room 216 as well as the scent of baby powder even went the room was not been rented the night before. The apparition of an elderly man outside of Room 111. Paranormal activity can also be captured in the parking lot behind the building as well as per the testimonial below. This testimonial has also made us increase both our Chance Of Paranormal Activity and the Investigation Ease above.


From BC

“I used to work the midnight shift there. I have two separate incidences that I witnessed during the 6 months I was there. The first, while I was doing a walk around the building one night I came down the stairs from the second floor at the far end of the hallway. When I walked thru the doorway into the first floor I saw a very old man, he was completely gray and had a blue glowing light surrounding him. He was trying to put a key into the lock of the door (long before it was the Econ Lodge it was the Circle Inn they used actual keys and had diamond shaped key chains now they use the key cards ) I gasped when I saw him, he turned to me and held up the key which had 111 on the keychain which was in fact the room he was trying to get into. I closed my eyes and took a step back, when I opened them he was gone and as I walked past the room towards the lobby it felt like I walked past and open freezer it was so cold it that one spot. I later found out an old man had committed suicide in that room many years ago. The second, I kept hearing a babies cry coming from one room that was supposed to be vacant. I called the room to see if someone was checked into the room but not entered into the computer. There was no answer. I went up to the room and the crying just got louder, when I knocked on the door it stopped. I opened the door and walked in and immediately smelt baby powder as if someone had tossed a handful of it in my face. I looked around no one there, and went back to the lobby. I later found out that 2 young children had passed away in the room.” 

From WM

“My friends and I enjoy going out and finding places that are haunted or that are supposed to be haunted. We came across your website where it said that someone had had experiences just sitting outside the Econolodge building, so that’s what we did. First off we felt like we were being watched, one of my friends asked “weren’t there supposed to be handprints or something showing up on the car?” within seconds of him saying that one big handprint appeared on the front window. Then he started whistling seeing if anything would make a sound back, a couple minutes later we heard a faint whistle. That’s when everything started to happen, we smelt baby powder in the car and started to see shadows walking around the car, but there were no people around that would have produced the shadows. Hand prints started to show up everywhere on the car, on the inside and on the outside of the car. Even after we left the site hand prints were still showing up and disappearing for the rest of the night.”

From MG

“I came across your website regarding the Econo Lodge motel in Thunder Bay..

My friends and I do a lot of paranormal investigations here in Tbay, we are working on two cases at the moment, but 2 nights ago we had ventured to the Econo Lodge to test out a paranormal tracker we have discovered,  so we parked outside (the back of the building)
  We all started to feel like we were being watched, the Paranormal tracker started to go crazy so of course we started to get intrigued, My right hand girl on my team said a comment
” well, all these beeps are great but I want bigger, I need a good BANG for me to stay”  well within two seconds of her saying that, it sounded like there was a gun shot right in front of my car, we all jumped… hand print was left on the front of my car! … thought I would send you this since on your website you stated you wanted to hear about other experiences.
We are heading back there tonight. Since the one case we are working on needs a lot of research.. we need to get in contact with people since this one is a stronger spirit then we expected”


Contact Information

Address: 686 Memorial Avenue

Phone Number: (807) 344-6688




Neebing-McIntyre Floodway (East End)

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 50%

Status -  Murder Site

Investigation Ease -  Easy



This set of floodways were built to keep the city from flooding. The hauntings seem to be related to a number of murders that have taken place at this location – many of which remain unsolved to this day and relegated to “cold case” status.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Apparitions are seen in this area that suddenly disappear into thin air. Phantom voices and footsteps are reported at this location. Light anomalies and mysterious mists have been reported and captured on film. Electrical devices are known to become disrupted or cease to work. There are also reports of feelings of being watched, followed and unease as well as touches, tugs and pushes by invisible presences.

Legend says that many of the buildings and houses in this area report poltergeist activity.



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Trowbridge Falls

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 55%

Status -  Public Park

Investigation Ease -  Very Easy



Filled with cliffs, deep water pools and waterfalls this area near Thunder Bay has become a haven for adventure seekers and those seeking suicide.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Unexplained noises and movement in the surrounding forest. Reports of being touched and pushed. Light anomalies, mysterious mists and a feeling of being watched.



Off Copenhagen Road across the river from Centennial Park.