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Padova/Tranquille, Tranquille Sanatorium (Serenity Lake Sanatorium) (Padova City)

#7 Most Haunted Place in Canada

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 100%

Status -Partially Abandoned, Soon To Be Demolished

Investigation Ease – Fairly Easy



This site was originally winter camping grounds for a Native American tribe. Then in 1857 gold was discovered in the Tranquille River and it became part of the British Columbia Gold Rush. A Tuberculosis Sanatorium was built in 1907 was operated until 1958 when legend states it was mysteriously abandoned in the winter with no sign of the staff or patients. Many people died from this horrible and incurable (at the time) disease during these years. In later years this facility would be used as a hospital and training site for the mentally handicapped. The site would completely close down in 1985 and was abandoned. In 1991 the land was purchased in an attempt to create Padova City – an Italian based theme park – but the owner was unable to make the mortgage payments. In 2000 the site was bought by British Columbia Wilderness Tours Inc and they are in the process of converting it a resort called Tranquille By The Lake.  This location was featured on episode of MTV’s Fear who called it Serenity Lake Sanatorium and made it out to be much more active than it really is. However, Tranquille has plenty to make a paranormal investigation worth the time.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Many different types of light phenomena have been witnessed including orbs that travel in circles at the main entrance, lights going on and off on their own and figures seen in the windows of the abandoned buildings, cold breezes inside of buildings, general feeling of sadness and unease. Like most hospital complexes the buildings are connected by an underground tunnel system and.these tunnels are said to be how the staff moved the bodies in order to not upset the living patients. Disembodied voices and figures have been heard and seen in these tunnels. Phantom sounds of children playing in the children building. A nurse is said to have been murdered by a patient and she still wanders the grounds. Legend also says the site was mysteriously abandoned during one winter.


From  LM

"I was born on the grounds in 1966 June 24. Yes it haunted. But the one clip of the guys on bike. 
Well that to me is impression....there was a building above the under ground structure. They 
ripped it down before it fell down Then build a structure over one of the Tunnels. Yes tunnels w
ere used to transport people to an from cafeteria in winter and bad rainy days. 400 residents needed 
to be moved to cafeteria to the living building, three times a day. They were used every day by all. 
The kids of staff would ride our bikes in tunnels for fun. But imagine a story of being born and 
raised at Tranquille.....i was very different...when I die look out for my spirit. Trust me I will not 
allow anyone to bad mouth the people who care for the handicapped at Tranquille...it was an 
excellent place with high standards of care. No dead bodies in tunnels...."
"The main building was always a hot spot....doctors house but no one who lived in the house 
was scared. I hated going into building and walking by . ..once when i visited when it was close 
swear I saw a teenage girl in upper windows. Organ music being played in main building.."

From DL

"I came across your site while searching for information on The Tranquille Hospital in Kamloops, B.C
.Canada. My grandfather (Dr. John Bower) was the medical superintendent there from 1968-78, 
and he and his wife live on the property in what is popularly called "The Doctors House". 
I lived there with them for some years in the early 1970's. I experienced a terrifying experience there 
in June, 1973. My grandparents were out visiting their friend, Alex McIntosh, the head nurse who 
also lived on the Tranquille property. I was alone watching television around 11:30 p.m. My 
grandfather kept empty soda tins in bags in the kitchen entrance. I was startled to hear the bags of 
cans being shaken up. I went to see what was causing the cans shaking, but by the time I got to the 
room they were in, the shaking had stopped. I was getting a very scared feeling, but went back to 
watch television. 30 seconds later, I heard the footsteps of someone with a club foot shuffling towards
 the TV room. As the footsteps got closer, I could hear heavy breathing. I became paralyzed with fear
at this point. The shuffling footsteps stopped just outside the door of the TV room, but the heavy 
breathing continued. I sat in my chair silently, hardly daring to breath. After about 5 minutes, the 
breathing noise slowly faded away. I was so scared, I stayed in my chair for almost an hour. I finally 
got the nerve to investigate, and went through the entire house. All the doors were locked as well as 
the windows being closed to keep the air conditioning in. There was absolutely no one else in the 
house but me. My grandparents arrived back at around 1 a.m., and I told them what happened. My 
grandfather thought I was imagining things, but my grandmother said the same type of occurrence 
had happened to her at least twice since they moved in. There have been numerous reports of 
mysterious glowing "orbs" spotted flying around the now abandoned hospital complex. This was 
the most terrifying experience I have ever had, and the terror I felt that night is as fresh in my mind 
as when it happened 39 years ago. There is a rumor that the first doctor to inhabit the house back in 
1910 (Dr. Charles Fagan) wife had contracted TB (Tranquille was originally a TB hospital), and died in
the house. The rumor says Dr. Fagan put his wife's body in the dirt room in the basement for a week 
before her reported her death. It is also rumored that Dr. Fagan cut off his wife's ring finger, and 
embalmed it, and kept it with him for the rest of his life."


The Above photo is Public Domain

The photo below was sent to us by Dan and remains his property. His comments follow:

This was taken during a night trip around Padova. the time and date are accurate. Nothing was seen or heard that night but a feeling made the photographer take this photo.

Don’t remember what building this is.



Contact Information

Directions Follow Tranquille Road out of Kamloops past Red Lake Road staying next to the lake.  Do not follow Red Lake Road away from the lake.  You will see a set of abandoned buildings on the right side of the road just before hitting a parking lot near the lake shore. Unable to get contact information of British Columbia Wilderness Tours (the owners).

Photos of Padova