Ganaoque – Haunted North America

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1000 Islands Playhouse (Actor’s House)

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Chance of Paranormal Activity – 20%

Status – Functional Theatre

Investigation Ease –  Difficult



Despite its long and interesting history the playhouse itself is not haunted but rather the house beside the theatre where many actors stay while working here. It is the former home of a worker from the town’s power plant. One day while helping in the annual clean up of the falls and river surrounding the plant then man fell into the water and drowned.

Legends and Paranormal Activity

Strangely the house is active only during the evening and night almost as if the ghost departs the house in the day just as he would have in life to go to work. An apparition is seen and a presence is felt on the stairs. Phantom footsteps are heard on the stairs. Lights that go on and off on their own and dogs are reported to growl at an unseen presence in the kitchen.

Contact Information

Address: 690 Charles Street South

Phone Number: (613) 382-7020